Cheap Escorts In London Love To Review

At cheap escorts in London we often get asked what sex shop is the best one to buy toys from. I guess each answer will vary depending on which escort you’re actually talking to. Some of the girls prefer love honey and others prefer sinful. Some of london escort’s would swear by Ann Summers and honour. So what I’ve decided to do is do a review on each of these adult shops.  

London escorts particularly like Ann Summers as it has a great reputation and the sex toys that they have oh well made. They have a decent variety of toys but I think what makes and Summers particularly appealing to the most London escort is not just their toys but the variety of lingerie that they have. In general the customer service is actually quite good and I love London S lots of had pleasant experiences when going to Ann Summers shops.  

Love honey is very popular with London escorts as it has a wider variety of sex toys available. Their prices are slightly cheaper than some of the other sex shops but that is reflected in the slightly lesser quality of the product. Don’t get me wrong they definitely do the job and if well maintained they last for a long time but so far I think Ann Summers has the best quality when it comes to sex toys and love honey has the best variety when it comes to sex toys. Again the customer service is 2nd to none and many other London escorts have had pleasant experiences when ordering from love honey.  

Sinful is by far one of the more expensive sex toy shops however they have a very chic presents online. Their products are very well-made and they have a wide variety of products for different things. What makes them stand out against and Summers and love honey is that they also do BDSM toys and there’s quite a few options in comparison to the other two stores. I even have a section for six machines and six furniture which is something I’ve never seen before. Can you imagine they even have a remote controls thrusting bed sounds very interesting.  

Honour online on the store is more of a all round kind of shop they do not specifically cell or focus on sex toys they will indulge in the sexual fantasy realm. They have a wide righty of different latex and PVC outfits and the six toys and not as varied as the other three stores. London S close recommend going to honour if you are looking at getting an all-round fantasy package however if you were a specific six toys or a variety of six toys choose from honour is not necessarily the best place to go.  

Overall tend to favour and Summers and love honey due to their fantastic customer service and variety of products available. They will also recommend sinful for individual pleasuring as they have many items. Some london escorts say that with the amount of sex furniture that they have they may make men obsolete.